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We care about people, about the environment, about every seam we make. Handmade in Europe.


About us

Our journey began in 2020. The main thought was to create our very own, handmade brand using only resources from the EU. Production with emphasis on work ethics and sustainability. At the same time we wanted to create modern, minimalistic and comfortable clothing for women. GoldBee offers mainly sport collections, however you can find clothes for everyday use as well. If you seek premium quality for reasonable prices - GoldBee is your choice.


Maximum transparency is what we desire. Everything we produce is made within the EU, either “in the house” by our handy seamstresses or by cooperation with local suppliers.
From November 18, 2021 you can find GoldBee products on Zalando - the biggest fashion platform in Europe.

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From Leggings to Resistance bands

Our offer

We focus on sport clothing for various sport activities. Choose from handmade and seamless leggings, sport bras, crop-tops, shorts, sweatshirts and sweatpants. We also offer the largest selection of fitness resistance bands in Europe. See yourself here.

And we do not stop there. We constantly work and come up with new beautiful products you will fall in love with!

Be ready!


Future belongs to ecology

Growing awareness about ecology and sustainability in society is indisputable. And we in GoldBee want to be part of these trends. We support fashion that is produced and sold in a responsible manner. In a very competitive and fast fashion environment it is not an easy way, but we believe our attitude will pay off in the future.

The World Stands On People

We seek strong and inspirational stories in your everyday life and reflect them in our collections.

#BeGold #GoldBee

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