Why GoldBee?


Why choose GoldBee?

We Make Unique, Handmade Fashion in the Heart of Europe. ❤️

In GoldBee we focus on absolute production and quality control. Forget cheap, but non-transparent and low quality products from asian countries.

Instead we are proud to produce all our products within the EU while using only EU suppliers.

This way we are capable to oversee the whole production process, be flexible and agile when introducing new methods, new products and most of all to quickly react to your - our customers - feedback.

Classic vs Seamless Products



  • custom made fabric specially for our products
  • fabric is very pleasant to wear either for everyday use or for your workout activities
  • strong focus on practical patterns of our cloths
  • leggings are opaque, do not crease and quickly dry
  • firm cut provides tightening effect along your legs
  • leggings are equipped with silicone belt, which prevents them from sliding off

Classic leggings



  • seamless material is extremely pleasant and smooth
  • light and breathable material
  • opaque and very durable material
  • flexible, yet firm fabric which guarantees tightening effect
  • modern, state-of-art technology
  • highly adaptable material of Seamless leggings will fit you even if you miss your typical size

Seamless leggings

Seamless technology - the most advanced technology in the fashion industry

Demands for knitted clothes, especially for sports wear and underwear are constantly increasing. Customers want unique cuts, quality and pleasant material but at the same time material that does not devalue too easily and keep its shape.

Seamless technology is an innovative concept in producing clothes almost free of seams. The knitting machines almost eliminate the need to produce and then sew together pieces of fabric, thus making the seam obsolete.

Our materials


  • is very smooth and pleasant to the touch
  • it is durable and you just won't tear it apart
  • dries quickly
  • they don't have to be ironed
  • does not crease


  • gives clothes flexibility
  • it stretches slightly and returns to its original size
  • ensures comfort of movement
  • encircles the figure but does not push
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